Swan Sovereign – Tickets – Mississippi Studios – Portland, OR – November 7th, 2014

Swan Sovereign

Siren Nation Festival presents punchy pop trio from Portland formed by members of Dirty Martini

Swan Sovereign

Crushed Out, Fault Lines

Fri, November 7, 2014

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 9:00 pm


This event is 21 and over

Swan Sovereign
Swan Sovereign
Swan Sovereign is a Portland, Oregon trio with punchy, defiant pop songs and harmonies so buttery that you’ll forget to be offended by the bossy lyrics. Stephanie Schneiderman (drums) Lara Michell (guitar) and Christine McKinley (bass) are a tight, spare unit with compact songs that burst from dead quiet into tantrums and back down.

Before taking over the rhythm section and forming the power trio that became Swan Sovereign, the three were in Dirty Martini. The music of Dirty Martini was gloomy, introspective and rain-soaked, like April in Portland. Swan Sovereign is more like a dance party on a sunny day in Antarctica – bright and blinding, with snowballs flying and a bit of blood on the ice from playing too rough.

Swan Sovereign's songs about interrogation, family secrets, and organized rebellion cut clean and deep. Then they rub salt in with mean 60s girl group harmonies. It leaves a pretty pink scar.

They will debut new songs and twist up some old ones at Mississippi Studios on Friday, November 7th!
Crushed Out
Crushed Out
Crushed Out is an electrified honky-tonk surf duo from Brooklyn, NY, who’s joyous and high-energy live shows are known to melt cold cold hearts and set folks to dancing in the aisles. Their new record TEETH, built on a foundation of timeless melodies ringing with crystalline reverb, fans the fire they lit on their 2012 debut Want To Give.

The husband-wife duo of Moselle Spiller and Franklin Hoier draw deep from their shared love of ‘atomic’ 50’s rock ‘n’ roll, country blues, and SoCal surf guitar to creating a sound that delivers on all those things rock ‘n’ roll promised us so long ago…

Spiller and Hoier met in the hall of the Bushwick, Brooklyn apartment building both were living in; Singer/guitarist Franklin a rambling acoustic songwriter from Southern California, drummer Moselle a recent art school graduate. Both having come from long lines of musicians and engineers (Hoier’s father was in The Messengers, the first all Caucasian band signed to Motown, and Spillers uncle is the founder of hi-fi speaker company Ohm Acoustics in Red Hook, Brooklyn) the two quickly bonded over art and music. Taking advantage of their loud neighborhood, they set up a drum kit and amp right in their apartment and within a year had self-released 2010’s well received EP, Show Pony.

Want to Give, Crushed Out’s debut album, was released in 2012 on their own imprint Cool Clear Water Records. Recorded both at Brooklyn’s Bunker Studio as well as Crushed Out’s own analog studio in a rural New Hampshire barn, Want to Give is direct, true and alive; the full sound of two spirits burned into analog tape, joy, growl, warts and all. Following the records release Crushed Out toured with the likes of Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Band of Skulls, Shakey Graves, and Social Distortion, among others.

For TEETH the duo returned to that Freedom, New Hampshire barn, stocked to the rafters with custom-built guitar effect pedals, 60’s tube amps, tube reverb units and tape echo machines. Engineered and produced by Hoier using a 1/2” tape machine and vintage mics, TEETH feels like a late summer album; despite it being written and recorded in the dead of winter. From the Rumi-inspired desert-blues of opener “To Sing True Of Love” to the major-key open tuned slide-guitar groove of “Early In The Morning” TEETH comes at you straight from the heart. “Surfer Billy” catalogs the territorial, macho, and sometimes violent undercurrent lurking below the stereotypically laid back and mellow surfer / beach dude culture, while psychedelic sea shanty “Mermaid Chant” lures you in with a dreamlike wash of watery guitar soaked in reverb and chorus. It all comes together on album closer “Summer Sunset”, where, sitting on the edge of contentment, all your hopes, fears and yearnings are writ large in the crackle of the beach bonfire and the twinkle of the stars in the sky.

To Spiller and Hoier, “Crushed Out” has myriad layers of meaning, all which are reflected in their music; beaches are made of millions of shells and rocks crushed out into sand. “Crushed Out” is both 20’s slang for busting free from a bad situation, and 80’s slang for the weight of love when you fall for someone. TEETH is their ode to all the potential energy wrapped up in life, in the ocean, and in love. Crushed Out, our friendly purveyors of Oceanic Outlaw Love
Fault Lines
Fault Lines
Formed by two Portland natives, a transplant from southern Oregon and a British expat, Fault Lines is one of the most distinctive bands to hit the city's music scene in recent years. Their punchy garage-pop is reminiscent of Portland predecessors Sleater-Kinney and Sweden's Hives, with traces of Jack White and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

Their debut album, Tapes & Wires, was recorded in October 2012 at Jackpot! Recording Studios by Larry Crane, who invited the band to work with him after seeing them play at a local venue. It demands the listener's attention from the first fuzzed-out guitar riff to the last winsome harmony. It captures the energy and fervor of their live shows while showcasing their ability to skillfully craft catchy pop songs with deep hooks you can't shake.

"One day I went to Mississippi Studios and the opening band came out and blew my mind. I forced a mutual friend to introduce me and then forced the band to record an album with me. I love how it came out." - Larry Crane, Tape Op Magazine