Merō – Tickets – Mississippi Studios – Portland, OR – July 3rd, 2019


A $5 Bill featuring the atmospheric and dreamy PDX "gloom-pop" act with 2019 debut LP, 'Hands'


Prolly Knot, Ryan Oxford

Wed, July 3, 2019

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 9:00 pm


This event is 21 and over

Mostly Standing / Limited Balcony Seating

Merō is gloom pop from Portland, OR.

Merō is the newest project from Portland songwriters Mel Guérison (Alexandra Savior), Rachel Anna Dial, Caroline Belk, Phillip Rogers (Haley Heynderickx) and Shawn Alpay (Matt Pond PA, Completions).

Merō has had a rather enigmatic journey—touring Europe with Other Lives, recently opening for The Weepies, and playing locally between tours with other projects. Their debut record, Hands (released Feb 18,2019), is a haunting, gloom pop exploration of trauma and transformation. It does not disappoint.
Prolly Knot
Portland based, R&B/ Pop artist Prolly Knot (the project of previously Nashville based singer-songwriter, Sam Pinkerton) is set to release her debut EP, It’s Not Anymore this Fall. Moving from hip/hop inspired heartbreak to care-free pop music, the project marries eccentricity and depth, and has garnered Pinkerton comparisons to contemporaries Maggie Rogers, Syd, Banks and more.

It’s Not Anymore came about after a 3 year hiatus and a move across the country. Needing something mindless and fun, Pinkerton developed a collection of songs that still stays true to her at the core but gave her something she could dance to. Prolly Knot pulled her out of her musical rut and guided her to new creativity and inspiration.

From acoustic guitar to synthesizer, Pinkerton writes timeless singer-songwriter tracks paired with catchy pop hooks. The tracks on It’s Not Anymore addresses heavy life topics that most of us deal with- depression, coming of age, secrets, finding your identity, young relationships and more. Pinkerton’s mature lyrics and melodic tale-telling tracks are standouts due to her angelic yet weighty voice. Pinkerton’s inspiration comes from distinct voices such as The Band, Gregory Alan Isakov, Frank Ocean, D’Angelo and more. Prolly Knot is a new project that feels familiar- warm music from a welcomed new voice.
Ryan Oxford
Growing up in rural Ohio, Ryan Oxford never really experienced any sort of formative music subculture. His friends back then were more likely to drive a tractor to school than to host house shows. He’d watch MTV’s 120 Minutes, but rarely connected with anything he heard. Instead, his interest grew independently from more personal experiences.
He remembers being strangely drawn to the smell of the old RCA turntable in the attic of his grandparents’ duplex. There was also the deep admiration he felt watching his dad embarrass his sister with shameless air guitar solos to Bowie’s “Five Years”. Perhaps that performance inspired his own debut - at age six, dancing to “These Boots Are Made for Walking” in front of his mom’s full-length mirror with an audience he didn’t exactly know was there.
As Oxford got older and moved away from home, this interest became an obsession. His self-education started in Akron, listening to salvaged, broken and moldy 45s at Jimi Imij’s unofficial Ohio Historical Music Society. From there, inspired by reading about how Brian Wilson stayed in the studio to write and record Pet Sounds while the rest of the Beach Boys were touring, he spent his entire tax return on an 8-track tape machine and taught himself the only way he knew how - by making mistake after mistake. Ten years later, Oxford’s a producer, composer and songwriter based in Portland, Oregon. He lives in a loft above his studio, Color Therapy Recording, where he recorded, produced and mixed his debut album.
Fa Fa Fa Fired is a long time coming for Oxford, a testament to his determined, singular path. It’s full of twangy guitars, sassy backing vocals and the sweet hiss of reel-to-reel tape that he still can’t shake. The songs are playful, charming, melancholy and honest. They’re mostly about being dumb and in love and sometimes just about being dumb. The album was recorded with help from Dominik Schmidt and features Christian Blunda (Mean Jeans, Patsy's Rats), Nick Dewitt (Pretty Girls Make Graves), Scott Hartlaub (Jessica Lea Mayfield) and Arjan Miranda (Black Mountain, Strand of Oaks).
Fa Fa Fa Fired will be released by Mama Bird Recording Co. on January 27th.