A 30th Anniversary For The Pixies’ Doolittle – Tickets – Mississippi Studios – Portland, OR – April 17th, 2019

A 30th Anniversary For The Pixies' Doolittle

Trumer/Gambrinus Presents $5 Bill celebration of the classic album

A 30th Anniversary For The Pixies' Doolittle

The Prixies, Surfer Rosie, Melt

Wed, April 17, 2019

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 9:00 pm


This event is 21 and over

Mostly Standing / Limited Balcony Seats


A 30th Anniversary For The Pixies' Doolittle
A 30th Anniversary For The Pixies' Doolittle
A celebration of the Pixies' classic 1989 album with The Prixies (featuring members of Roselit Bone and Plastic Cactus), Surfer Rosie and Melt covering songs from the album and other Pixies' hits and rarities!
The Prixies
A Portland Pixies cover band featuring members of Surfer Rosie and Plastic Cactus.
Surfer Rosie
Surfer Rosie
we are;
Gillian Brase
Gillian Avina
Laura Daegling
Noah Johanson
Melt is a psychedelic rock band that was formed in October 2014 in Portland Oregon by front man Jeff Tang. The original lineup consisted of Jeff, Ryan Lella, Ted Parker, and Nik Barnaby. However through the years Nik and Ryan have departed. Dan Bedell and Daniel McIntyre have joined in their places. Since 2014 they have released multiple EPs and cassettes (Black Gold, Funhouse) as well as completed multiple West Coast and Southwest tours."

Words from others:
"We're sharing a fresh new track off Melt's upcoming release. 'Black Gold' is a quick diddy that rides on a more mellow, almost 60's era melody with an incredibly catchy hook. With a run time of just about 2 minutes, it'll leave you wishing it was twice that long for sure."
—Cervante Pope

"There’s a clear-eyed force, a conviction here, that just isn’t
present in so much contemporary garage. Rather than some coy tease, they bring the goods... Jeff’s sense of melody reveals a ton of time listening to the 60’s garage classics. The harmonies are spot on, the beats, the addition of keyboards is great. There’s power here, it makes you bang your head. It feels pretty damn authentic, considering it’s being made in 2016 and not 1968. The songs are pop, they rock hard, they bounce, they swing..."
—Matthew Dinaro

"Melt's single, 'Take a Walk,' coming off their upcoming FunHouse tape, takes a fuzzier surf route to the genre, with Jeff Tang's vocals being refreshingly nostalgic to the genre's predecessors."
—Deli Magizine