STUMPFEST VIII: Earthless – Tickets – Mississippi Studios – Portland, OR – April 19th, 2019


Night two of Stumpfest VIII, headlined by the adventurous San Diego psych-rockers

Sold Out: STUMPFEST VIII: Earthless

Drunk Horse, Dead Now, Feral Ohms, Glacial Fall

Fri, April 19, 2019

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

$25 ADV / $30 DOS

This event is 21 and over

Mostly Standing / Limited Balcony Seats


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Guess what?

Earthless has a surprise for you. Whereas the band’s three previous albums featured anywhere from two to four completely instrumental space rock jams, the California trio’s fourth and latest, Black Heaven, is nothing like that. “It’s quite different,” drummer Mario Rubalcaba says with a laugh. “It has six songs, and most importantly it has vocals on about 70 percent of the record. There goes being pigeonholed as an instrumental band, I guess…”

Though dedicated fans doubtlessly heard Earthless guitarist Isaiah Mitchell lend his soulful pipes to the band’s righteous cover of the Groundhogs’ “Cherry Red” on 2007’s Rhythms from a Cosmic Sky, they haven’t heard him—or Earthless—quite like this. Of Black Heaven’s six tracks, only two are instrumental. And one of those instrumentals is less than two minutes long. “It wasn’t a premeditated thing to do a record with vocals,” Rubalcaba explains. “On the older records, Mike was responsible for a lot of the riffs that would start these jams, but on this one Isaiah really brought his own pizazz and flavor to it. I’d say that’s one of the major differences on this album: It has more of Isaiah’s input. He took a risk bringing these ideas to us, not knowing if we’d like them. But as with everything we’ve done in the past, it felt very organic and natural.”
Drunk Horse
Drunk Horse
Rock band from Oakland, CA. Formed in 1998.
Dead Now
Dead Now
Heavy Rock power trio from the US, featuring current or former members of Torche and Day Old Man.
Feral Ohms
Feral Ohms
Feral Ohms was formed in 2011 by three Bay Area underground rock vets. Loud, super-fuzzed, just over the border of psychedelia into a darker, harsher jungle. Doses of concrete basement West Coast 80s punk, 70s hairy bare-chested wall of amps festival rock, 90s Screaming Japanese underground and various other forms of scuzz, primitive, biker and outcast rock and roll mutations abound.
Glacial Fall
At the end of humanity, deep in the ice fields of the great poles, two creatures awaken. The Sound Reaper, with his army of drones, wind through the world of man, collecting their pollution and noise of machines. The mother goddess, long held captive in thick walls of ice, waits as the drone's melt the great glacial walls of her prison. Together, they undo the world of man and renew the earth.