SOLD OUT: Uniform & The Body – Tickets – Mississippi Studios – Portland, OR – November 30th, 2018

SOLD OUT: Uniform & The Body

Two beloved projects from NYC and Portland combine to make beautiful, blown-out and relentless noise

SOLD OUT: Uniform & The Body

Author & Punisher, Street Sects

Fri, November 30, 2018

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 9:00 pm

$12 ADV / $14 DOS


This event is 21 and over

Mostly Standing / Limited Balcony Seats 

Uniform & The Body
Uniform & The Body
In Spring 2017, Uniform was asked to support fellow noisy, boundary-pushing duo The Body for a European tour. Having been longtime fans of the band, Uniform vocalist Michael Berdan and guitarist Ben Greenberg jumped at the opportunity. During the planning phase of the tour, Berdan and Lee Buford from The Body started corresponding regularly. Ultimately, Berdan asked Buford if he and The Body cofounder Chip King would be interested in making a collaborative record with Uniform. Buford enthusiastically assented, and the seed of Mental Wounds Not Healing was sown.
Author & Punisher
Author & Punisher
After leaving a career as mechanical engineer in Boston to focus on art and sculpture, Tristan
Shone, the creator and sole artist behind AUTHOR & PUNISHER​, moved west to pursue his
MFA in Southern California. In the metal and machine shops of University of California, San
Diego, Shone forged a relationship with design, sound and fabrication that ultimately yielded
AUTHOR & PUNISHER‘​s first music which mapped the journey away from traditional
instrumentation towards custom made, precision machinery. Shone used his technical
knowledge, along with his artistic background to create what Wired Magazine has hailed as his
own “special brand of doom metal”, using these custom “Drone Machines”.
All aspects of the AUTHOR & PUNISHER​ sound begin with physical movement, limbs
struggling in unison to coordinate a wall of electronic rhythm and oscillation, ultimately
conditioned by an organic and loose quality absent of plastic perfection. AUTHOR &
PUNISHER​ performances are a real amalgamation between man and mechanisms. They are
direct, physical, heavy experiences that have amassed praise and intrigue from a wide array of
audiences. Pitchfork styled him “immediate but mysterious,” Stereogum described his “chilling,
unrecognizable form,” and NPR hails him as “a thrill [who] fires on all cylinders”.
Now in 2018, AUTHOR & PUNISHER​ delivers his sixth full-length recording and Relapse debut
Beastland. A robotic experimentation in industrial metal, noise, doom and drone, AUTHOR &
PUNISHER​ recalls Nine Inch Nails channeling Godflesh, traversing through dark,
uncompromising, and often disturbing soundscapes with occasional detours into rich melodies
and splinters of light. Armed with newly built “Drone Machines” and a new label, Beastland is
AUTHOR & PUNISHER’s ​career-defining statement and a powerful listening experience that
further blurs the line between man and machine.
“I built new machines for this album to make more aggressive and dynamic music. These
devices are compact and powerful, made from robotic components, intended for high energy
repetition. I, as do many others, feel rage against the Beasts of our era: those who horde, who
poison, or who discriminate. We need aggressive music to make an aggressive statement.
Beastland is an introspection of who we are as a human race. At a time when we have the
tools, the intellect, and the history to remind us how to treat each other and the earth, we go far
out of our way to feast on the less fortunate and vulnerable, disregarding the atrocities and
lessons of the past.“
Street Sects
Sample-driven punk from Austin, Texas