Free Salamander Exhibit – Tickets – Mississippi Studios – Portland, OR – June 1st, 2018

Free Salamander Exhibit

Heavy, smart and bold experimental rock project born from the influential Sleepytime Gorilla Museum

Free Salamander Exhibit

Cheer-Accident, Faun Fables

Fri, June 1, 2018

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 9:00 pm

$12 ADV / $14 DOS

This event is 21 and over

Mostly Standing / Limited Balcony Seats 

Free Salamander Exhibit
Free Salamander Exhibit
Current research indicates that within 2 years of use, a pillow's weight increases by 30% due to the accumulation of dead skin cells, dust mites, and their droppings. In a similar fashion, Free Salamander Exhibit has gradually augmented its own weight through an accumulation of musical and literary droppings, distilled these into creative impulses- -impulses committed to memory and subsequently forgotten.

Originally called the Rock Springs Six, Free Salamander Exhibit makes no bones about being influenced by the early work of Sleepytime Gorilla Museum. "Yeah, we all have that first record," they mutter nonchalantly. Their new name is taken from the Sleepytime Gorilla Press's 1916 leaflet distributed by Pentecostal snake-handler George Went Hensley of Tennessee, wherein the gospel dictum "They shall take up serpents and salamanders" was treated to more or less literal interpretation. "Yeah, we all handle them, salamanders that is," they confess. Yes, they have renounced their snake handling ways in favor of the modern hair-shirt, i.e. the burlap gown. Certainly their outfits are uncomfortable and make playing difficult, especially for the non-rock instruments they sometimes employ, but what price beauty?

It seems the past is something this band of burlap brothers would rather put to rest. Free Salamander Exhibit gained some notoriety in the early 2000s by impersonating the members of Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, even going so far as insinuating themselves into the SGM members' households. When it was announced in 2010 that SGM had been "subsumed" into the very bodies of Free Salamander Exhibit, the music press understood this to figuratively refer to a simple regrouping. Boy, were they wrong.

Currently based in Oakland, CA, Free Salamander Exhibit continues to shed its dead skin cells, casting off an accumulated detritus of metal, prog-rock, and art-rock influences. Nils, Dan, Michael, David, and Drew (at least these are the names they claim) meet regularly in an underground concrete shelter. Here they sit at an oval-shaped table in a spirit of constructive argumentation, poring over the nature of memory and the illusory promise of free will. Eventually they emerge, ready again to absorb the environmental stimuli that nourish their world-view. Through this circular process of absorption and molting, Free Salamander Exhibit hopes to augment the mass of your own pillow as well.

Shed some skin with Free Salamander Exhibit in your town soon!
Hailing from the singularly vibrant musical hotbed known as Chicago, CHEER-ACCIDENT has been a creative, vital force in rock music for over 20 years. They constantly strive to surprise their audiences and themselves through relentless reinvention. From dreamy pop to angular art-rock, CHEER-ACCIDENT strikes a powerful balance between personalized and unique studio wizardry and the visceral excitement of a well-honed, explosive live rock band. The band is a quintet at its foundation, fronted by Carmen Armillas, whose powerfully emotive voice has recently led CHEER-ACCIDENT down the path of even deeper connectedness with their already-loyal audience. Presenting itself in various configurations, the band’s core personnel is frequently augmented by some of Chicago’s finest musicians. Their body of work is unparalleled in its ambition and originality, and their two latest releases, “Fear Draws Misfortune” and “No Ifs, Ands or Dogs” (both on Cuneiform Records), demonstrate how the band continues to improve with each passing year.

After their hugely successful performance in 2013’s Rock In Opposition Festival in France,
they returned to Europe for several shows in July 2014, this time as a streamlined quartet:

Dante Kester- bass
Jeff Libersher- guitar, vocals, trumpet
Evelyn Davis- vocals. piano and its innards
Thymme Jones- drums, trumpet, vocals

So good it was to play (special shows, all of them) in front of friends from over the ocean in Poland, France and Germany. And then they came home and largely focused on the monthly releasing of material for their subscription page. No small feat, and they continue to fulfill that particular promise to this day.

Currently, the lineup would seem to look mostly like this:

Dante Kester- bass, keyboards
Jeff Libersher- guitar, vocals, trumpet, keyboards
Amelie Morgan- keyboards, vocals, oboe
Thymme Jones- drums, vocals, piano, trumpet, noises

Oftentimes, also including:

Mike Hagedorn- trombone
Carmen Armillas- vocals
Jim Drummond- swellness
Andrea Faught- everything
D. Bayne- keyboards
Sacha Mullin- vocals
Teria Gartelos- vocals
Laura Boton- vocals
Greg Beemster- vocals
Scott Rutledge- words

And sometimes Why.
Faun Fables
Faun Fables
FAUN FABLES front woman DAWN McCARTHY is a rennaisance lady who enjoys singing, theater, folklore, dancing, traveling, nature and studies of the hearth & food history.

Her performing background was forged in oral tradition amidst a large musical family in Spokane, Washington and continued with studies in music theater, rock bands, Action Theater, Polish theater and ethnomusicology.

At home, her parents played romantic, impressionistic melodies on the piano via Bartok and Debussy. There was summer theater, dance contests in the living room, and early exposure to rock, psychedelia, punk and metaphysics. Her coming-of-age years were spent largely holed up with field recordings of African & Swiss music scoured from the Spokane Public Library and taking anthropology classes. She spent some time in Madison, WI and New York City studying illustration, working as a doll-maker, and cutting her teeth as a singer & performer with various bands and cabarets; most notably as yodeler with the Bindlestiff Family Cirkus, whom inspired her to want a gypsy life with a kindred spirit someday.


Her life and focus took a pivotal turn in 1997 with a solo quest through the UK and Ireland and its bardic traditions; singing songs in clubs and homes which became the album ‘EARLY SONG,’ produced by MARK ORTON (of Tin Hat) & HANS WENDL (Nordisk Sang) all the while undergoing a pastoral, psychological experience with the land creating the album ‘MOTHER TWILIGHT,’ that was later acknowledged by Scottish author R.J. Stewart as a work containing true underworld tradition content. It also brought forth the experience of touring Australia, being asked to play Woodend near infamous Hanging Rock, and getting to climb that volcanic mystery that is so full of underworld riddle, even to this day.


Upon her return to the states, a fateful meeting with Oakland, CA born-and-raised NILS FRYKDAHL moved McCarthy back to the west and began a long creative chapter in the thriving hills and art community of the San Francisco Bay Area that saw the beginning of FAUN FABLES in 1998, with Frykdahl as main collaborator.

After two years of grass roots touring in their red pickup truck, in 2003 they attracted the interest of DRAG CITY RECORDS and made their label debut ‘FAMILY ALBUM,’ after two self-released records.

Now, after fifteen years of collaboration and twelve years of touring, FAUN FABLES are known for exquisite, visceral adventures in song & theater and riveting live performances to eclectic and devoted audiences in North America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Iceland, Israel. They have six album releases on Drag City to date: ‘EARLY SONG‘ (1999/2004) produced by Mark Orton (of TIN HAT) & Hans Wendl (Nordisk Sang), ‘MOTHER TWILIGHT‘ (2001/2004), ‘FAMILY ALBUM‘ (2004), ‘THE TRANSIT RIDER (2006), ‘A TABLE FORGOTTEN‘ (2008) and ‘LIGHT OF A VASTER DARK‘ (2010), produced at Polymorph Studio in Oakland, CA by Dan Rathbun and Mark Stikman.


Faun Fables vocals ride through solid, elemental structures of guitars and percussion like Valkyries. All manner of flutes dance through the arrangements. Characters and narration arise at times, occasionally in the form of a full theater show like ‘The Transit Rider’ (2002) which toured the states in 2006. ‘By the Light of this Kitchen Table’ (2007) and ‘Whatever Happened to Limpy Glen?’ (2010) were also written and directed by Dawn, at the IDYLLWILD ARTS ACADEMY as Artist In Residence, the latter rock musical a collaboration with Frykdahl.