King Black Acid – Tickets – Mississippi Studios – Portland, OR – November 24th, 2017

King Black Acid

PDX psychedelic rock institution headlines a packed bill benefitting The Oregon Food Bank

King Black Acid

Ezza Rose, Rob Wynia

Fri, November 24, 2017

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 9:00 pm

$10 ADV / $12 DOS

This event is 21 and over

Mostly Standing / Limited Balcony Seats 

King Black Acid
King Black Acid
Daniel Riddle started recording under the name King Black Acid
in the late 1980's from his bedroom studio in the San Francisco bay area.

He then started playing out live with his first line up
called King Black Acid and the Wombstar Orchestra.
Featuring keyboardist Melinda DiCillo, guitarist Roger Campos(Papillon), and Bassist Nathan Jorg (SnowBud), the band quickly gained alarge audience with their spacey live show and dreamy sound-- self dubbed "coma-core".

After adding drummer Scott Adamo (ex Wipers) and percussionist Joseph Trump (ex Pig Face, Elliott Sharp's Carbon), the band recorded their debut album titled "Womb Star Session" (1995). The album was recorded live during a radio station broadcast, capturing some of the lush sound and epic delivery the band was becoming known for.

Their sophomore release "Sunlit" was recorded in early
1996 and helped bring the band super-cult like status on an international level, as well as starting the group off on a career of sound track work.

"Royal Subjects" was the bands next album, released in 1998; recorded as a soundtrack for an independent film. The group collaged a mix of songs and soundscapes, exploring new territory in arrangement and instrumentation. This was King Black Acid's first attempt recording sounds to movies.

For his next project Riddle put together a new band with a new batch of songs. With Scott Adamo(drums), Sarah Mayfield (guitars), Bobeck (bass), Pete Ficht (keyboards), and eventually Sean Farrell (keyboards) joining Riddle to form King Black Acid and the Starseed Transmission. It was this incarnation of KBA that would result in the full length album, "Loves A Long Song", released in October 2000. The album was released to excellent reviews and high ranking numbers in the college radio charts.
Finally, the industry and the fans had a record with a more distilled songwriting style that worked well with both radio, film and television, as well as with the hard-core audiophiles.

In 2002, Riddle introduced King Black Acid and the 144,000 Member Acid Army, consisting of Sarah Mayfield, Sean Farrell, Joe Trump, bassist Sean Tichner, and keyboardist Rich Landar. This particular line-up was assembled to perform on stage the songs Riddle wrote and recorded for the motion picture soundtrack of The Mothman Prophecies. During this time, Riddle also wrote, recorded, produced and performed with James Angell's Private Player--featuring John Taylor of Duran Duran on bass, Tony Lash of Heatmiser/ Elliott Smith on drums, Sean T guitar and Kevy Kozad on keys.

In 2008 Riddle started collaborating with longtime friend and fellow musician Jeffery Trapp (ex Everclear) and formed a powerful new line-up with King Black Acid and the Sacred Heart. The Sacred Heart was bringing with it an explosive new sound and style. Shedding most of the atmospherics and languid arrangements of the past for a more anthemic and 'sexy' sound. Live show reviews were quoted to say
"King Black Acid and the Sacred Heart is heavy like a Chevy and has more hooks than a fucking pirate convention."

In 2009 King Black Acid released the song "Let's Burn" on the UnderWorld III Rise Of The Lycans soundtrack.

Daniel Riddle is currently writing and recording in his home studio known as the Mazinga Laboratory (KBA Labs) where he is working on new King Black Acid recordings as well as writing, recording and producing other artists.

King Black Acid's music has been heard in such films, TV shows, and soundtracks as CSI Miami, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Mothman Prophecies, UnderWorld III, MTV's Real World/Road Rules, Dream with the Fishes, Highway, Witchblade, The Maker, Do Me a Favor and many more.

King Black Acid’s music has appeared in advertisements for Nike, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Portland Trail Blazers, CNN Sports, Coca Cola, Virgin Mobile and Reebok.
Ezza Rose
Ezza Rose
Ezza Rose rolled into Portland, Oregon fresh off graduating the American Music and Dance Academy in 2007. Drawing on the traditional folk sounds she absorbed in the small Southern California mining town she grew up in, Rose began writing and performing at open mics throughout Portland. With pipes that critics have dubbed "subtle, yet breathtaking", a natural electricity, and a unique style that is a little bluegrass, a little folk, and a little something entirely her own, Rose caught the ears and eyes of anyone who saw her perform. It wasn't long until Rose was hard at work singing in a handful of Portland's emerging musical acts as well as piecing together a band of her own.

In 2009, Rose recorded her first studio album, "Through the Music Box". The album's sparse arrangements, lilting melodies, and honest, youthful vocals showcased a raw and brutal talent in the process of developing into a sophisticated musical vision.

Before long, Rose recorded her second album, "Jacob" (2011), in Portland-based studio Type Foundry with engineer Adam Selzer (The Decemberists, M. Ward). In just two days of relentless work, the foundation for Rose's sophomore release was laid down. The record has shards of the precocious spark found in 'Music Box', but adds the complex layers, moody energy, and confidence of a seasoned song crafter. The first single "Trigger", a dream march of a tune, convinced legendary singer/songwriter, Loudon Wainwright III, to ask Rose to open for him in Portland at the historic Aladdin Theatre.

March 2014, Rose released her first solo album, "Poolside". True to its name, "Poolside" takes the listener down into the depths of an abandoned indoor swimming pool, hidden in the basement of one of Portland’s historic, downtown hotels. With floor to ceiling tile and an empty concrete pool, the natural sound and acoustics of this room are stunning. Inspired by the sound of the room, Rose decided to record a live album in the space. To minimize interruption from city traffic above, Rose and a small crew recorded Poolside during the quiet hours of 11pm, ending the sessions around 7am. All reverb and sounds heard on Poolside are untampered with and completely raw. Lance Andrew Leonnig, recording engineer and past bassist for the Ezza Rose Band, perfectly captured the magic of this unique space and its undeniable compatibility with Rose’s haunting voice.

Portland has been her home since she graduated from performing arts academy five years ago, and it is beginning to make its presence felt. Her new album, "When the Water’s Hot" (released January 2015,) is a bold departure from the style of singing and songwriting that she and her band have perfected to such acclaim in recent years. To start, Rose is laying down her weathered acoustic guitar.