Peter Ames Carlin’s Homeward Bound: An All-Star Tribute To Paul Simon – Tickets – Mississippi Studios – Portland, OR – December 20th, 2016

Peter Ames Carlin's Homeward Bound: An All-Star Tribute To Paul Simon

Peter Ames Carlin's Homeward Bound: An All-Star Tribute To Paul Simon

Luz Elena Mendoza, Rebecca Gates, Casey Neill, Jim Brunberg & Wonderly, Ashleigh Flynn, Silver Ships, Kasey Anderson, Kathryn Claire, Sarah Gwen w/ Scotty Weddle, Kevin Cradock, Jaycob Van Auken, Scott McCaughey

Tue, December 20, 2016

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

$8 ADV / $10 DOS

This event is 21 and over

Mostly Standing / Limited Balcony Seats 

Homeward Bound: An All-Star Tribute To Paul Simon
Homeward Bound: An All-Star Tribute To Paul Simon
Former Oregonian TV critic Peter Ames Carlin is the author of several books about musicians, including the New York Times bestselling Bruce, the biography of Bruce Springsteen published in 2012. His new book Homeward Bound: The Life of Paul Simon, was published in October.

The Event: Homeward Bound: An All-Star Tribute to Paul Simon will celebrate the artist and his new biography with a night full of Portland's best artists performing their favorite Paul Simon songs in their own freaky-styly way, with author Carlin telling Paul tales between the acts. The show is the third Mississippi Studios tribute show, following on 2009's tribute to "Paul McCartney: A Life" in 2009 and the Springsteen book in 2012.

Books, CDs and other merchandise will be available at the show.
Luz Elena Mendoza
With Y LA BAMBA, Luzelena Mendoza draws from both her strict Catholic upbringing as an only daughter of a Mexican immigrant and a debilitating illness that led her to fall away from her faith, to create what LA Weekly calls "Devendra Banhart-influenced art-folk with hazy femme vocals and traditional Mexican sounds."

Mendoza's father immigrated to the Bay Area from the Michoacan region of Mexico after meeting her mother who had received her US citizenship as a teenager. Her father got a job at a southern Oregon sawmill and Luzelena would spend her childhood summers on a farm in California's San Joaquin Valley among peach, almond, and fig orchards. It was in these strong Mexican communities that she would soak up the melodies and the stories that were being told while, as she remembers it, "the men with tassel hats" strummed their guitars and sang their traditional folk songs in three part harmonies. "I remember singing along, mimicking my father's voice and dancing like a little wild child," she recalls. For Mendoza, this music was the only way she could relate to her father, and was a bright spot in a rough childhood.

In 2003, Mendoza traveled to New Zealand and India, in a quest for a deeper understanding of her spiritual growth as an active Christian, hungry for the tools to create a shift on this planet. During her trip to India, she contracted amoebic dysentery and giardia, causing her to suffer from insomnia, lose 60 pounds and fear her loss of sanity. "It shook me in ways I was not expecting, leading me to struggle with my prayer life and search for a healthy relationship with God, the universe, and with myself," says Mendoza of her condition (which was only complicated with a misdiagnosis). "I gave up on Christianity and what religion was starting to mean to me due to a natural awareness that was knocking on my door."

Upon her return to the US, she took in a white six-toed cat to keep her company as she fought to regain her physical, emotional and spiritual health. She christened her new feline companion La Bamba, a name that she incorporated into a moniker for her home recordings and performances at open mic nights in her new home, Portland. Bassist and vocalist Ben Meyercord caught some of Mendoza's open mic performances and the two quickly found a musical connection. In a whirlwind week that she said happened magically, Mendoza recruited Mike Kitson on drums and David Kyle on guitar. Luzelena played in an Ashland band with Kitson when she wanted a more quiet alternative to her early punk roots and Kyle was a musician she met online that shared her spiritual and eccentric philosophies. Intuition told her that she was going to meet the final piece in her musical puzzle and, sure enough, she stumbled upon accordion player Eric Schrepel playing the squeezebox at a puppet show.

With a raw songbook of home recordings under her belt and a new group of musicians to help Mendoza with her musical vision, Y LA BAMBA began to captivate audiences in Portland and tour stops around the US. Eventually, the quintet would attract the attention of The Decemberists guitarist Chris Funk, who offered his production skills for the band's first studio recording. Funk worked tirelessly to capture Y LA BAMBA's rustic tones, songs inspired by the traditional tunes of Mendoza's childhood, and her signature vocals that resemble the sounds spilling out of a 1930's Victrola. Dubbing the confidently stunning body of songs Lupon (after a nickname that Mendoza's father despised), Y LA BAMBA has emerged from the studio, ready to wow listeners everywhere. Lupon will be available during the fall of 2010 on Tender Loving Empire.
Rebecca Gates
bio / discography
“Whether folding Memphis R&B into slacker bedroom laments or post-rock abstractions into catchy pop, she nails the ennui of lovesick transitions and physical displacements with a marksman’s aim. And she might just possess the sexiest voice in rock.” – Entertainment Weekly

Rebecca Gates is a US based musician, curator, artist and audio editor. She has released five albums, three as leader of the critically acclaimed group The Spinanes (Sub Pop), toured internationally and appeared as a vocalist on numerous records by artists as wide ranging as The Decemberists and Willie Nelson. Her record Ruby Series was hailed by Spin Magazine as “warm, thoughtful, and melodically gorgeous.”

Gates co-curated The Marfa Sessions, an exhibition of sonic land art installations by US and international artists in Marfa, Texas. She has been featured as an artist at Lehmann Maupin Gallery (New York, NY), Vedanta/Kavi Gupta Gallery (Chicago, IL), Centro La Fontana (Barcelona, SPAIN), Fontanelle (Portland, OR) and The Sun Valley Center for the Arts (Sun Valley, ID/Los Angeles, CA). She was editor and co-founder of The Relay Project audiomagazine, a sound-only periodical featuring content from a variety of editorial and sonic sources.
Casey Neill
Casey Neill
Casey Neill's career has always walked the line between lyrical song craft and ferocious live shows. He is a songwriter and bandleader from Portland, Oregon with a sound that explores haunting melodies, high octane folk-punk, and weather beaten narrative. Neill performs solo and with his band, The Norway Rats - a murderer’s row of Northwest music vets from acts such as Black Prairie, Eels, and The Minus 5. For over a decade he has toured throughout the US, Europe, and Japan. A new record titled 'All You Pretty Vandals' produced by Chris Funk of the Decemberists was released in November of 2013. It’s an anthemic, junkyard rock album Neill says he’s “spent a decade trying to get to - both in my own writing and the sound of the band.”

“Be it through raucous rockers, fragile acoustic ballads, passionate bursts of punk fury or soulful touches of Irish folk, Neill's narrative talent and concern for real people's struggles stand out. (Neill) evokes an epic feel that fits perfectly with the implicit grandiosity of this emotional material, delivered with a raspy, affectionate voice that recalls Life's Rich Pageant-era Michael Stipe. The results are so evocative, you'll be tempted to steep further in these memories, the better to share Casey Neill's particular blend of personal and historical experience.” — SPLENDID

"These are songs with stories well told. This is what it's all about" — STEVE EARLE

Casey is a frequent side player in power pop band The Minus Five along with Scott McCaughey and Peter Buck of R.E.M. He added vocals to tracks on ‘Scott the Hoople in the Dungeon of Horror’ - a 5 LP, 57 song collection of new Minus 5 music released this past Record Store Day. Hardcore bands, bluegrass acts, and other songwriters have performed and recorded Casey’s songs - most notably Irish supergroup Solas’ take on "Lowground" on their CD's "Waiting for an Echo" and "Reunion”. His career launched in 1997, after inking a three record deal with acoustic label Appleseed and contributing tracks to their Pete Seeger Tribute collection along with Bruce Springsteen, Billy Bragg, and Bonnie Raitt. A compilation of his material entitled 'Memory Against Forgetting' was released by Indigo Girl Amy Ray's Daemon imprint in 2005. Following a few years treading the boards in New York City, Casey moved back to Portland and it's thriving music community.

"Soul-searing songs “— UTNE READER “remarkably good songwriting” — NO DEPRESSION

In 2007, a far more electric Casey Neill record ’Brooklyn Bridge' was released and The Norway Rats were formed. 'Goodbye to the Rank and File' followed in 2010 and garnered rave reviews from online blogs, radio, and press. In 2011, Casey was hired by New York's Mabou Mines Theater Company to perform and compose for their new work 'Landscapes' at PS122. In the year since the release of All You Pretty Vandals, Casey and band have performed over 100 shows in 21 states including NPR’s prestigious Mountain Stage Radio show. The album is a series of character sketches, and two cities dear to him, Portland and New York. There are love songs to Patti Smith (“She Came Alive”) and the Lower East Side (“Sainted Streets”), hymns to the roadless Northwest wilderness (“The Dark Divide”), and “My Little Dark Rose”, featuring Langhorne Slim. The song is a snapshot of Portland in the 90s, when the city was “a much rougher place and the music was louder,” adds Neill.

Music critic Jay Horton described it best for Portland’s arts paper Willamette Week: “Casey Neill has been filtering post-hardcore energies through an Americana muse for tales of wry lamentation, and the barroom mythologizing wed to painstaking craft has never sounded so perfectly realized. He brings a certain empathetic grandeur to high-minded tales of resolutely low lives with crack musicianship and casual authenticity”.
Ashleigh Flynn
Ashleigh Flynn
Like the Ohio to muddy Ol’ Miss, Ashleigh Flynn follows her
troubadour heart. Flynn grew up in Kentucky and cut her teeth on
local bluegrass music and Motown. A prolific songwriter and
performer blessed with unbridled charisma, she has taken the
stage at Bonnaroo and Bumbershoot, Delfest, High Sierra and
Vancouver Folk Fest and toured with the likes of Todd Snider and
the Wood Brothers.
Thanks to two critically acclaimed independently released studio
albums and a live EP, Flynn is making a name for herself in
Americana music. She arrived on the scene in 2008 with the
release of American Dream, a poetic lament to the elusiveness of
that national ethos. A Million Stars followed in 2013 – a
rollicking journey celebrating the women pioneers of the
American West. Her most recent EP, The Low Arc of the Sun, 2016,
was recorded live on the winter solstice in Portland, Oregon as
an offering to the coming of the light.
With a fresh slate of songs in her arsenal, Flynn returned to
the studio in 2017 to develop a bold new project: Ashleigh Flynn
& the Riveters. In both name and spirit, this all-female band is
a nod to the “Rosie the Riveter” archetype and an homage to the
millions of American women who entered this country’s male dominated
workforce during World War II and kicked some serious
The record’s 11 tracks feature Flynn’s compelling brand of
storytelling and soulful vocals, amped-up and virtuously
enveloped by the electrified Riveters. Inspired in large part by
her new guitar player Nancy Luca’s style and skill, the album
hearkens back to early Stones and ‘70s psychedelic country rock,
yet the result feels simultaneously new and necessary.
Produced by Flynn’s longtime musical collaborator, Chris Funk of
the Decemberists, this highly anticipated LP was recorded and
mixed at Halfling Studios in Portland and supported by grants
from the Oregon Arts Commission and the Regional Arts and
Culture Council.
Kasey Anderson
Kasey Anderson
American singer, songwriter, guitarist and producer, born in 1980.
Kathryn Claire
Kathryn Claire exhibits a charisma and grace on stage which is matched only by her truly unique voice and rare ability to move seamlessly across genres. She has spent years cultivating her own style and approach to music as a violinist, guitar player, singer, and songwriter. Strong fundamentals from her classical and traditional music background combined with an innate ability to improvise has made her a favorite at venues, festivals and institutions around the world. She has toured and performed extensively in the US, Japan, India, Holland, Belgium and France.

Kathryn Claire's solo albums include Wanderer, Homespun, Morning Comes Too Soon, Shimmering Blue. The Willamette Week praised Morning Comes Too Soon saying "Claire's rich, bell-clear alto and precise playing serve her songs with emotional generosity and evident sincerity" and described her voice as "a part of the scene's very fabric". She has collaborated with an impressive roster of national and international artists including Portland-based Hanz Araki with whom Kathryn Claire recorded and released a four album celtic music project in 2012. The Irish Edition described Kathryn's voice as "strong, deeply moving" and The Irish Post included the duo on their top 10 best album list of 2013.

Kathryn also tours in the US and Japan with BIG BRIDGES, a collaborative project between Japanese rock guitarist Takashi O'hashi and musicians in Portland, Oregon. Their new record 'Will To Ascend' features music composed by O'hashi with lead vocals and lyrics written by songwriters Casey Neill and Kathryn Claire.

She is currently working on a new album titled, Bones Will Last. It is an album both hopeful and heartbreaking, with deeply personal and starkly universal themes featuring performances by Zak Borden, Allen Hunter, Ara Lee and Don Henson. Bones Will Last explores Claire's voice as a songwriter as well as instrumental composer blending her love of classical, traditional and original music.

When she is not on the road performing with her own band or Big Bridges, Kathryn enjoys touring as a side person with a stellar list of musicians including Ashleigh Flynn, Ara Lee, Robin Jackson, The Lasses, Moody Little Sister and Lewi Longmire, among others. Whether fronting a band or supporting a fellow musician on stage, Kathryn Claire consistently delivers exciting and inspiring performances. Her genuine character, musical versatility and infectious smile make her an unforgettable performer.
Sarah Gwen w/ Scotty Weddle
Jaycob Van Auken
Van Auken's style is incisive and genuine. He is a rock classicist with a singer-songwriter streak. His propensity for blending rock, blues, folk and country allows his songs to move in various directions, while keeping the same destination. It's easy to swamp him with flattering comparisons. Finding a home somewhere in the midst of Tom Petty, Lyle Lovett, Van Morrison and The Faces, Van Auken is somewhat akin to acoustic folk-blues, not quite country, and can rock loud like the best red-blooded Amercians. The expressive immediacy of his voice is distinctive and demands attention, calling to mind the soulful songs recorded back in Muscle Shoals, as well as the rock classics heard in his mom's van while growing up.
Scott McCaughey
The droll humor and garage rock stylings of Young Fresh Fellows leader Scott McCaughey (vocals, bass) was an integral, yet often overlooked, factor in the Seattle alternative music revolution of the early '90s. McCaughey formed the Young Fresh Fellows in 1982 with Chuck Carroll (guitar) and Tad Hutchinson (drums). McCaughey's witty songwriting and '60s pop hooks were immediately welcomed by college radio; beginning with 1984's The Fabulous Sounds of the Northwest, the Young Fresh Fellows were all-stars on student-run stations. The mainstream may have been oblivious to McCaughey's work, but he helped to pioneer a sound that would eventually awaken the masses to music not manufactured by corporations. In 1989, McCaughey released a solo album, My Chartreuse Opinion. Despite the high profile of Seattle rock in the '90s, the Young Fresh Fellows were too quirky to capitalize on the success of their peers; McCaughey broke up the group in 1993. After the Young Fresh Fellows split up, McCaughey formed the Minus 5, a band featuring a revolving door of musicians, including R.E.M. guitarist Peter Buck and members of the Posies. the Minus 5 recorded their first album, Old Liquidator, in 1995, followed by The Lonesome Death of Buck McCoy in 1997. McCaughey has toured as an extra musician for R.E.M.