Satan – Tickets – Mississippi Studios – Portland, OR – March 27th, 2016


Wyrd War Presents


Danava, Violation Wound, DJ Dennis Dread

Sun, March 27, 2016

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 9:00 pm

$16 ADV / $22 DOS

This event is 21 and over

Mostly Standing / Limited Balcony Seats 

Legendary New Wave of British Heavy Metal survivors Satan return to Portland on Easter Sunday on the crest of their latest masterpiece Atom by Atom. Formed in 1980 in Newcastle, England, the band released two demos, one 7" and two full-length LPs, Court in the Act (1983) and Suspended Sentence (1987), under the somewhat misleading Satan banner before sinking into premature obscurity precipitated by a quagmire of poor management, lineup instability, unfortunate timing and the shifting tides of the hard rock landscape at the close of the decade. The 1990s were infamously unkind to traditional heavy metal and our faithful longhairs laid low while plotting their eventual return to the stage. In 2011 Satan came together to play a few select European dates that were met with unprecedented praise from diehard fans who had been awaiting their reunion and, two years later, in 2013 they released their first studio recording in 26 years. Life Sentence was received with unanimous international critical and fan acclaim. In fact, the entirely unexpected reformation of the classic 1983 Court in the Act lineup - featuring Brian "Blitzkrieg" Ross on vocals, Graeme English on bass, Sean Taylor on drums and the dual guitar attack of Steve Ramsey and Russ Tippins - has been widely celebrated as one of the most triumphant comebacks in recent history. Following a successful world tour, 2015 saw the release of their fourth full-length Atom by Atom, another flawless gem in the Satan crown! Fans who experienced their very first Portland appearance in 2014 felt the redemptive power of TRUE HEAVY METAL and now, on Easter Sunday, it's time to roll away the stone again...
There are many paths to the jeweled gates of liberation: possession, ecstasy, sacrilege, heresy. Paradox subjugates ego in the transcendent thrust toward the eternally expansive. The star studded spacecraft known as DANAVA, dispatched as it was from America's rainy northwest coast, emerged on the midnight horizon with an obscure 4 song masterpiece as a shining symbol of freedom in sound. Critics have done their best to identify this flying object with all manner of convenient but ultimately meaningless qualifiers and all have missed the mark. This is not "stoner rock," even if the pilots are probably stoned. This is not "progressive rock," for the boundless soul thwarts gentrification. This is not "space rock," although their heads are full of meteor dust their boots still waltz in the gutters of Whitechapel sin. This is not "retro rock," because tomorrow calls even as the third eye glances in reverse to hail electric ancestry. Armed to the teeth with Orgone amplification and mesmeric Luciferian aether, the technicolor demon people have risen from primordial depths to dispel all curses and sever all bonds.
Violation Wound
Formed in Benicia, California in June 2013 with the sole purpose of restoring rock 'n' roll to its whiskey soaked throne of scars, Violation Wound has quickly established themselves as an infamous Bay Area power trio of the drunkest caliber with a confounding slew of releases under their studded belts. Comprised of underground luminary Chris Reifert (Autopsy) on guitar and vocals, Joe Orterry (ex-Fog of War) on bass and Matt O'Connell (Fog of War) on drums, they bash out fast and dirty 80s-influenced punk like a fist with three middle fingers. Violation Wound's performance at Mississippi Studios marks their second appearance in Portland following two explosive concerts in 2014 with Midnight, Lebenden Toten and Thrones. It is all the more special because the band is not touring, and is only appearing in Portland in support of Wyrd War's "Easter Sunday Sabbath" with Satan and Danava! All aboard the blackout train!
DJ Dennis Dread
Dennis Dread is an internationally renown artist, beer drinker and hellraiser who has provided album cover artwork for Dead Moon, Darkthrone, Autopsy and Bobby BeauSoleil among many others. He has exhibited his intricately detailed ballpoint drawings across the U.S. and in Germany, Italy, Denmark and Sweden without the aid of methamphetamine. As "war chief" of Wyrd War Records, together with his darling companion Meadow Mother Wolf, Dread co-facilitates vinyl releases and guerrilla action events keenly focused on the advancement and celebration of strange and wonderful music, film and art. On Easter Sunday he shall bang that head that doesn't bang, as per usual.