Heaux Stories: Part Deux – Valentine’s Day Showcase – Tickets – Polaris Hall – Portland, OR – February 14th, 2020

Heaux Stories: Part Deux - Valentine’s Day Showcase
Intimate evening of sex-positive storytelling from producer of The Moth

Heaux Stories: Part Deux - Valentine’s Day Showcase

Polaris Hall
Ages 21+


$28 Early Bird / $30 Advance & Day of Show




We invite you to attend what some people anticipate to be the “steamiest night of the year”- Heaux Stories:Part Deux on Valentine’s Day.

This show is the sequel to sold-out storytelling showcase Heaux Stories.

Heaux Stories is a production that was created as a space for women of color and femmes to gather and share their most intimate sexual truths through the art of storytelling.

This event was born with the intention of being as a sex-positive safe space that will foster intimacy within community by centering femmes of color through the empowering act of authentic vulnerability.

Due to the overwhelming lack of diverse perspectives in Portland’s local storytelling art scene, this show is a production created out of necessity by renowned storyteller and The Moth Storyhour producer Jagger Blaec.

Heaux Stories is hosted by local dynamo and comedienne Aneesah Rasheed.

Theme: Who Do You Love?

Tell us about an encounter when you met someone who in that very instant you knew you were going to fuck. Or share with us the first time you knew you had found a home in your lover’s arms. Perhaps the love you’ve found is yours alone or shared amongst several partners.

The show will feature six storytellers telling tales of love and lust.

This production is made possible by the sponsorship and endorsement of Quill CBD. This brand believes in supporting and prioritizing safe spaces for people of color.

There will be raffle giveaways and partner support from:

Quim, Happy Camper Tattoo, Sub Rosa PDX, Oracle Infused Wellness, Lagom Teas, Portland Ashwaganda Farms, SheBop, Cascade Aids Project, and Charcuterie Me.

Guests will receive an automatic entry into a raffle that will include prizes from our sponsors along with a complimentary CBD drink at the conclusion of the event.

Follow @basic.blaec.girl for more information leading up to the event and the announcement of the official storyteller lineup.

Musical Vibes provided by DJ No.Bi.Es

Anyone who does not identify as a person of color should be mindful of their conduct and the space that they take up when engaging in this space. There will be community agreements for this same group of people and anyone who violates those boundaries will be asked to leave.

Agreements include:

QTPOC To the Front meaning that the seating and every other context throughout the evening will prioritize our LGBTQ and POC family.

Do not comment on anyone’s appearance without consent (emphasis on excluding comments about weight, skin color, physical appearance, gender identity and hair).

There will be no hair touching of any kind.

There should be no physical contact without consent.

Make space for those who are not able-bodied.