Mississippi Studios Calendar


Tue 11/12
The storytelling Hold Steady frontman with new solo LP, 'I Need a New War'

Craig Finn & The Uptown Controllers

Cassandra Jenkins

Ages 21+
Wed 11/13
UK producer/songwriter with Blood Orange & Solange credits


Starchild & The New Romantic

Ages 21+
Thu 11/14
A double-header of gifted folk duos with a penchant for lush storytelling

The Hackles / Martha Scanlan and Jon Neufeld at Polaris Hall

Ages 21+ presents a dreamy garage rock double-header of epic proportions

Death Valley Girls / Crocodiles

Kate Clover

Ages 21+
Fri 11/15
Siren Nation and Polaris Hall present the celebrated Memphis noise-punks

NOTS at Polaris Hall

Mr. Wrong

Ages 21+
Portland's own rip-roaring rock'n roll group blending rockabilly and soul

Sallie Ford And The Sound Outside

Weezy Ford

Mike Coykendall

Ages 21+
Sat 11/16
Dreamy folk-rock outfit from Arizona with new LP, 'New Nostalgia'

Tow'rs at Polaris Hall

B.R. Lively

Ages 21+
Siren Nation and Mississippi Studios present beloved Seattle folk-pop acts

KUINKA with Lemolo

Lost Lander (Duo)

Ages 21+
Sun 11/17
Introspective, emotive chamber-pop project from Majical Cloudz’s frontman

Devon Welsh

Sorry Girls

Ages 21+
Timeless Americana / AM Gold songwriter with breathtaking 2018 debut LP

Pearl Charles at Polaris Hall


Ages 21+
Mon 11/18
In Very Small Venues for Very Low Ticket Prices

SOLD OUT: A Night With The Milk Carton Kids

Ages 21+
Tue 11/19
Lagunitas Brewing presents a $5 bill with atmospheric rockers with a new LP


Void Realm

Sea Moss

Ages 21+
Wed 11/20
The Seattle avant-cowboy provocateur returns with new band; new & old songs

Brent Amaker Deathsquad



Ages 21+
Thu 11/21 presents the pensive Austin indie-pop duo w/ new LP 'Heavy Lifter'


Nick Dorian

Caroline Says

Ages 21+
Fri 11/22
Electric jazz/rock power trio feat. titular guitar wiz & jack-of-all-trades

Tim Reynolds and TR3

Sir Richard Bishop

Ages 21+
Portland post-punk main-stays releasing new LP, 'Human to Human'

The Woolen Men at Polaris Hall

Nick Normal

All Hits

Ages 21+
Sat 11/23
Tender yet dance-able, folky synth-pop songwriting duo from Vancouver

Harlequin Gold at Polaris Hall

The Get Ahead

Ages 21+
Portland septet playing Western rock with touches of folk and psych


Roselit Bone

Shea Roberts

Ages 21+
Sun 11/24
A double-header of Portland indie-pop/rock with experimental dance elements

Holiday Friends / Norman

Ages 21+
Mon 11/25
We can't tell you who it is until just before showtime, but they rule

Super Secret Headliner

Plastic Cactus

Bryson Cone

Ages 21+
Tue 11/26
Wed 11/27
Thu 11/28
Fri 11/29
Multi-faceted New York hardcore punk group with new 2019 LP 'Dog Whistle'

Show Me the Body


Long Knife

Ages 21+
Sat 11/30
Two brilliant bluegrass virtuosos join forces for an intimate live show

Banjo Killers Feat. Tony Furtado and Scott Law with Special Guests

Ages 21+ presents the PDX roots multi-instrumentalist's annual holiday show

Tony Furtado Band with Special Guests

Ages 21+


Sun 12/01
The Gambrinus Company presents a $5 bill with

Dead Lee / Danny Newcomb

Erin Rubin

Ages 21+
Mon 12/02
Tue 12/03
LA-based, saxophone-powered, effervescent art-punk group with 2019 LP

French Vanilla


Plastic Weather

Ages 21+
Wed 12/04
Oklahoma rockabilly songwriter/guitarist with a Christmas LP, 'Socks'

JD McPherson at Polaris Hall

Joel Paterson

Ages 21+
Philadelphia-based grungy shoegaze group with hair-raising live show



Big Bite

Ages 21+
Thu 12/05
Ambitious, fast-rising NYC-via-PDX songwriter w/ inventive new LP, 'Trophy'

Kate Davis at Polaris Hall

Ages 21+
Iconic jazz guitarist and fast-rising vocalist with new LP

Charlie Hunter & Lucy Woodward

Ages 21+
Fri 12/06
Timeless sounds from the Lake Street Dive vocalist & contemporary composer

SOLD OUT: Rachael & Vilray (EARLY)

Akie Bermiss

Ages 21+
Timeless sounds from the Lake Street Dive vocalist & contemporary composer

SOLD OUT: Rachael & Vilray (LATE)

Akie Bermiss

Ages 21+
Sat 12/07
Acclaimed North Carolina Americana songwriter/musician with new LP

Andrew Marlin (Of Mandolin Orange)

Jordan Tice

Ages 21+
Sun 12/08
Celebrating a decade of the beloved PDX women-owned sex toy boutique

She Bop's 10 Year Anniversary Celebration!

Ages 21+
Mon 12/09
Elusive and electric garage rock legends with dynamic live show

The Make-Up

Seth Bogart

Ages 21+
Tue 12/10
Angular ambitious Atlantans melding Wire and Gang of Four with new sounds


Ages 21+
Wed 12/11
A co-headlined evening with intricate and emotive PDX bands with new music

Rare Monk / Bodies On The Beach

J. Graves

Ages 21+
Thu 12/12
Willamette Week G!G Presents a showcase of the finest in PDX hip-hop

Drae Slapz

Brown Calculus

Rasheed Jamal

Ages 21+
Fri 12/13
Iconic LA psychedelic/alt-rock vets with a driving, kaleidoscopic sound

The Dream Syndicate at Polaris Hall


Ages 21+
Well-traveled, eclectic and progressive Bay Area bluegrass string quintet

Hot Buttered Rum

Band Of Comerados

Ages 21+
Sat 12/14

The eXtraordinary League of Rockers Live Showcase Matinee

All Ages
Iranian-born, Socal-raised comic with appearances on MADtv & Comedy Central

Amir K

Ages 21+
Sun 12/15
Endlessly eclectic, soulful and exciting PDX hip-hop/rock/R&B collective

Speaker Minds

Rich Hunter



Ages 21+
Mon 12/16
Conceptual LA-via-Portland electronic pop icons w/ new LP, 'Chain Tripping'


Ages 21+
Tue 12/17
Inventive, folk-driven Canadian songwriter with new 2019 LP

Common Holly



Ages 21+
Wed 12/18
Low Bar Chorale Presents its annual Holiday-adjacent community sing-along

Cheer The F*** Up

Ages 21+
Thu 12/19
Low Bar Chorale Presents its annual Holiday-adjacent community sing-along

Cheer The F*** Up

Ages 21+
Fri 12/20
Absurdist conspiracy-themed comedy podcast featuring Joe Rogan regulars

Tin Foil Hat Comedy Live

Eddie Bravo

Sam Tripoli

Ages 21+
Sat 12/21
Boundless Austin rock trio with muscular, adventurous and eclectic 2018 LP


Caitlin Sherman

Redray Frazier (Solo)

Ages 21+
Sun 12/22
Homegrown songwriter/shredder with urgent, emotive, ass-kicking catalog

Ezza Rose


Moon Shy

Ages 21+
Mon 12/23
Tue 12/24
Wed 12/25
Thu 12/26
Fri 12/27
A New Year's Weekend Kick-off with the city's best cumbia, hip-hop and more

Orquestra Pacifico Tropical

Tribe Mars

Tres Leches

DJ Timothy Bee

Ages 21+
Sat 12/28
Thrilling veteran Oregon City rock act helmed by husband-and-wife duo

Tango Alpha Tango

Ages 21+
Sun 12/29

Dirty Princess

Time Rift

The Sadists

Ages 21+
Mon 12/30
Tue 12/31
New Year's Eve Dance Party

DJ Anjali & The Incredible Kid at Polaris Hall

Dholi Adam McCollom

Bhangra Dance Performance By DJ Anjali & The Gulabi Gang

Ages 21+
A New Year's Eve bash with the bouyant and eclectic PDX rock/soul sorcerers

Dirty Revival

The Quick And Easy Boys

Ages 21+


Wed 1/01
Thu 1/02
Fri 1/03
Subversive, inspiring sounds from the world's first openly gay country band

Lavender Country

Ashleigh Flynn And The Riveters

Ages 21+
Sat 1/04
Rowdy and eloquent Portland outlaw country collective with 2019 debut LP

TK & The Holy Know-Nothings

Ages 21+
Sun 1/05
Mon 1/06
Tue 1/07
Wed 1/08
Thu 1/09
Fri 1/10
Heavy punky glam-rock champions from San Francisco

Glitter Wizard at Polaris Hall



Ages 21+
Genre-jumping, insanely energetic son of country music royalty with new LP

Shooter Jennings

Ages 21+
Sat 1/11
Sun 1/12
Fast-rising UK pop duo with shimmering sonic palette and tight harmonies



Ages 21+
Mon 1/13
Tue 1/14
Wed 1/15
Thu 1/16
Fri 1/17
Immensely catchy and tight LA outsider pop wizard with new LP, 'Born Hot'

Chris Farren

Retirement Party


Ages 21+
Sat 1/18
First West Coast tour from intimately majestic Canadian lo-fi pop artist

Fog Lake w/ Foxes In Fiction

Ages 21+
Sun 1/19
Mon 1/20
Tue 1/21
Wed 1/22
Thu 1/23
Fri 1/24
Poetic, soulful Portland songwriter with naturalistic new LP, 'Frontiers'

Eddie Berman at Polaris Hall

Ages 21+
Mississippi Studios & Pickathon present the eclectic folk supergroup

Bonny Light Horseman

Ages 21+
Sat 1/25
Sun 1/26
Mon 1/27
Tue 1/28
Wed 1/29
Thu 1/30
Fri 1/31


Sat 2/01
Iconic Australian storytelling songwriter with a new '90s covers collection

Ben Lee

Ages 21+
Sun 2/02
Mon 2/03

Closed for a Private Event - Bar Bar Open Normal Hours

Ages 21+
Tue 2/04
Wed 2/05
Genre-tripping NYC trio playing world-inspired instrumental psychedelic pop

City of the Sun


Ages 21+
Thu 2/06
Fri 2/07
Emporium Presents

Pink Talking Fish

Ages 21+
Sat 2/08
Sun 2/09
Mon 2/10
Tue 2/11
Wed 2/12
Eccentric Aussie purveyor of time-traveling pre-war blues, jazz and swing

C.W. Stoneking

Ages 21+
Thu 2/13

Illiterate Light

Ages 21+
Fri 2/14
Sat 2/15
Sun 2/16
Mon 2/17
Tue 2/18
Wed 2/19
Thu 2/20

Dustbowl Revival

Ages 21+
Fri 2/21
Sat 2/22
Inspirational, working class rock songwriter and band with new LP, 'Kick'

Dave Hause & The Mermaid

Ages 21+
Sun 2/23
2020 BIAMP PDX Jazz Festival Presents

Kandace Springs with Special Guest Jimmie Herrod

Ages 21+
Mon 2/24
Tue 2/25
Wed 2/26
Thu 2/27

Slow Hollows

Ages 21+
Fri 2/28
Sat 2/29


Sun 3/01

Carsie Blanton

Ages 21+
Mon 3/02
Tue 3/03
Electronic pop outsiders with new liberation-themed LP, 'The Competition'

Lower Dens

Ami Dang

Ages 21+
Wed 3/04
Thu 3/05
Fri 3/06
Sat 3/07
Sun 3/08
Mon 3/09
Whip-smart punky pop songwriting from Chicago with new debut LP 'Honeymoon'

Beach Bunny at Polaris Hall

All Ages
Tue 3/10
Wed 3/11
Thu 3/12
Fri 3/13
Sat 3/14
Sun 3/15
Mon 3/16
Tue 3/17
Wed 3/18
Thu 3/19
Fri 3/20
Sat 3/21

Wye Oak

Ages 21+
Sun 3/22
Mon 3/23
Tue 3/24
Wed 3/25
Thu 3/26
Fri 3/27
Sat 3/28
Radical, genre-transgressive rock outfit from Atlanta with 2020 Matador LP

Algiers at Polaris Hall

Ages 21+
Sun 3/29

Dumbo Gets Mad

Ages 21+